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Key Fund Attributes
Value Investment Principles

Company Profile

Ethical Capital Pty Ltd ("Ethical") offers units in the Ethical Capital Fund (The Fund), also referred to as the "Ethical Capital Fund".

This boutique value-focussed ethical fund is designed for a small specialised group of investors, with a focus on Australian equities.

The Fund will seek to leverage the opportunities which exist in Australia mainly through a portfolio of All Ordinaries Index shares.

Ethical, the investment manager and trustee of the Fund, manages the portfolio.  Ethical is privately owned and controlled by the Chief Investment Officer.

The Ethical Capital Fund is focused on performing over the long-term for investors. Key attributes include:

  • Investors can expect significant hands-on engagement and updates

  • Focus on investments which meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria

  • Focus on Australian economy by experts on Australian listed investments underpinned by thorough research and an ethical filter

  • Fund fee structure incentivises performance with no entry and exit fees

  • Hands-on flexible funds management style

  • Trust structure enables eligible investors to access tax benefits

  • Regular performance reports and fund audited annually

The influence of Graham and Buffett

Warren Buffett's investment success was founded upon the investment philosphy of a man by the name of Benjamin Graham. Graham's "value-investing" methodlogy which Buffett built on by adding (among other elements) the concept of brand-equity, best characterises the investment style of the Fund, which we take further by overlaying a filter for ESG investments.


The Fund focuses on research and company fundamentals. The manager's investment philosophy is underpinned by deep on-going fundamental research on Australian listed companies and ESG.  A number of quantitative filters on company fundamentals are employed to identify intrinsic value and invest where a "Margin of Safety" exists.

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