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Our Team
Ethical Capital was founded on the same investment principles that Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham adhered to - value investing. Led by Adrian Gurgone, our team are focused on understanding intrinsic value and identifying where value exists, and our fund is built on this solid foundation.
Chief Investment Officer
Adrian Gurgone

The Ethical Capital team is led by Adrian Gurgone an experienced financial analyst, MBA and Chartered Accountant. He has senior-level experience within global financial consultancies and is a non-executive director of an ASX-listed investment company.


Adrian has well over over 20 years of experience in analysing financials and advising on corporate performance. He also delivers stock and financial analysis advice and training to investors, senior executives and a top rating MBA programme. 

Senior Analyst
Di Camillo

Anthony Di Camillo has held the position of Portfolio Manager for a private investment company for over a decade and has significant experience in conducting detailed research and trading securities. He also has deep expertise and knowledge of Australian Equities and a number of sector verticals.

Anthony studies the macro-economic environment and also conducts in-depth research also engages with management and directors to gain insight into prospective investments.

Fund Administrator

Jean is a highly experienced accountant, bookkeeper and fund administrator with over 20 years of relevant experience in both multinational and boutique organisations. 


She ensures the fund is being administered efficiently and helps provide key data and reports for the fund managers.

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